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Mirrored mesh vertex normal fix.

NOTE : If you do not have a good tool to make a perfect vertex normals look here:

Script which can mirror selected meshes and keeps all normal information not distorted.

Supports edit and editable poly.
Does not collapse modifier stack.
ver. 1.5 supports hard edges. previous versions could transfer vertex normals 1 per vertex. Now it can transfer all of them.

ver. 1.3 has different method for aligning vertex normals.
It takes a bit more time but from what it was tested gives "true" correct result.
"True" - as it is the same as game engines "read" them.

ver. 1.1 is able to mirror any geometry in any combination.

Even simple primitive shape can be mirrored.

Works with any max version from 2012 - 2022.

For earlier versions it was not tested, however it is made to be used in previous max versions ( before 2016 )

If you will but VNT, this tool will be free to get as a bonus :)

Let me know in the email about Your purchase, so I will prepare a code with 100% off.

How to install:

download zip file , unpack, drag and drop mzp file.

All icons, script and macro will land in proper places.

No need to restart max.

Macro can be found under SCG TOOLS category.

How to use:

run the script
select some objects
choose which axis you would like to mirror selected meshes
and click "Mirror selection".

For dense objects it may take a few moments.

Contact info:

15 ratings


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